Other basic organic chemical manufacturing 2019


2019 Market Research Information Data Report for producers of Other basic organic chemicals

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Establishments (1) distilling wood or gum into products, such as tall oil and wood distillates; (2) distilling coal tars; (3) manufacturing wood or gum chemicals, such as naval stores, natural tanning materials, charcoal briquettes, and charcoal (except activated); and (4) manufacturing cyclic crudes or cyclic intermediates (i.e., hydrocarbons, except aromatic petrochemicals) from refined petroleum or natural gas.
Establishments manufacturing basic organic chemical products (except aromatic petrochemicals, industrial gases, synthetic organic dyes and pigments, gum and wood chemicals, cyclic crudes and intermediates, and ethyl alcohol). Illustrative Examples: Biodiesel fuels not made in petroleum refineries and not blended with petroleum Calcium organic compounds, not specified elsewhere by process, manufacturing Carbon organic compounds, not specified elsewhere by process, manufacturing Enzyme proteins (i.e., basic synthetic chemicals) (except pharmaceutical use) manufacturing Fatty acids (e.g., margaric, oleic, stearic) manufacturing Organo-inorganic compound manufacturing Plasticizers (i.e., basic synthetic chemicals) manufacturing Silicone (except resins) manufacturing Synthetic sweeteners (i.e., sweetening agents) manufacturing
Establishments manufacturing nonpotable ethyl alcohol.