Labor and civic organizations 2019


2019 Market Research Information Data Report for producers of Labor and civic services

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Establishments promoting the civic and social interests of their members. Establishments in this industry may operate bars and restaurants for their members. Illustrative Examples: Alumni associations Granges Automobile clubs (except travel) Parent-teacher associations Booster clubs Scouting organizations Ethnic associations Social clubs Fraternal lodges Veterans’ membership organizations
Establishments promoting the interests of national, state, or local political parties or candidates. Included are political groups organized to raise funds for a political party or individual candidates. Illustrative Examples: Campaign organizations, political Political organizations or clubs Political action committees (PACs) Political parties Political campaign organizations
Establishments promoting the interests of organized labor and union employees.
This industry comprises establishments (except religious organizations, social advocacy organizations, civic and social organizations, business associations, professional organizations, labor unions, and political organizations) primarily engaged in promoting the interests of their members.

Illustrative Examples:

Athletic associations and leagues, regulatory
Property owners’ associations
Condominium and homeowners’ associations
Tenants’ associations (except advocacy)
Cooperative owners’ associations