Advertising, public relations, and related services 2019


2019 Market Research Information Data Report for producers of Advertising, public relations, and related services

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Establishments (1) creating and designing advertising campaigns for the purpose of distributing advertising materials (e.g., coupons, flyers, samples) or specialties (e.g., keychains, magnets, pens with customized messages imprinted) by mail or other direct distribution and/or (2) preparing advertising materials or specialties for mailing or other direct distribution. These establishments may also compile, maintain, sell, and rent mailing lists.
Establishments creating advertising campaigns and placing such advertising in periodicals, newspapers, radio and television, or other media. These establishments are organized to provide a full range of services (i.e., through in-house capabilities or subcontracting), including advice, creative services, account management, production of advertising material, media planning, and buying (i.e., placing advertising).
Establishments creating and designing public display advertising campaign materials, such as printed, painted, or electronic displays; and/or placing such displays on indoor or outdoor billboards and panels, or on or within transit vehicles or facilities, shopping malls, retail (in-store) displays, and other display structures or sites.
Establishments designing and implementing public relations campaigns. These campaigns are designed to promote the interests and image of their clients. Establishments providing lobbying, political consulting, or public relations consulting are included in this industry.
Establishments engaged in the direct distribution or delivery of advertisements (e.g., circulars, coupons, handbills) or samples. Establishments in this industry use methods, such as delivering advertisements or samples door-to-door, placing flyers or coupons on car windshields in parking lots, or handing out samples in retail stores.
Establishments providing advertising services (except advertising agency services, public relations agency services, media buying agency services, media representative services, display advertising services, direct mail advertising services, advertising material distribution services, and marketing consulting services). Illustrative Examples: Advertising specialties (e.g., keychains, magnets, pens) distribution services (except direct mail) Sign lettering and painting services Display lettering services Store window dressing or trimming services Mannequin decorating services Welcoming services (i.e., advertising services) Merchandise demonstration services
Establishments purchasing advertising time or space from media outlets and reselling it to advertising agencies or individual companies directly.
This industry comprises establishments of independent representatives primarily engaged in selling media time or space for media owners. Illustrative Examples: Newspaper advertising representatives (i.e., independent of media owners) Radio advertising representatives (i.e., independent of media owners) Publishers’ advertising representatives (i.e., independent of media owners) Television advertising representatives (i.e., independent of media owners)