Market Research Reports

Reports Available

Our Market Research Reports provide essential insights into the scale and growth of each industry sector. 

Use our reports to determine:

  • Is the sector growing or contracting?
  • In which States and Regions is the sector most represented?
  • Which sectors does it sell to?
  • Which customer sectors are buying more?
  • What commodities does it buy?
  • What commodities is it buying more of?

Report Structure

AllBizOps Market Research Reports - Schematic

Each report contains 3 main sections covering:

  • Sector Overview
  • Customers and Income
  • Suppliers and Expenditure

Sector Overview

The Sector Overview includes:

  • Description of the sector, its commodities and sub-industries
  • Gross national income and expenditure of the sector
  • Five-year sector growth (or contraction) trend 
  • NAICS Codes of sub-industries belonging to the sector
  • Estimate count of establishments in the sector 
  • Distribution of count by U.S. Census Bureau Region, Division and Region 
  • Distribution of count shown as a U.S. State map 
Market Research Reports - Economic Overview

Income and Customers

The Income and Customer table contains:

  • Customer Sectors by value (who buys from this sector?)
  • Customer Sectors by growth (who is buying more, or less?)
  • Distribution and counts of Customers Sectors by Region
  • Customer Density Map
Market Research Report - Income Growth Chart

Expenditure and Suppliers

The Expenditure and Suppliers section provides:

  • Commodity Expenditure by Value (how much is spend on what?)
  • Commodity Expenditure by Growth (what are they buying more of?)
  • Distribution and counts of Supplier Sectors by Region
  • Supplier Density Map