Frequently Asked Questions:

Government Procurement Questions:
Question: Do I need to complete my GSA registration to sell to the Government?
Answer: Most companies starting out pursuing government procurement contracts think once they complete a GSA schedule registration they are finished and ready to sell to the Government. The fact is depending on goods and services you sell to the government obtaining a GSA schedule may not be the best approach for your company. GSA solicitations represent only a portion of the goods and services the government buys from vendors. There are thousands of Federal, State, and local government solicitations that are published weekly outside of GSA purchases. Minimum Requirements to qualify your company to sell to the government are to obtain a DUNS number and complete your SAM Registration. Our white papers can easily walk you through this process without you having to pay external firms potentially thousands of dollars to complete the registrations on your behalf.
Question: What is SAM? How do I register with SAM?
Answer: The System for Award Management (SAM) is a Federal Government owned and operated free web site that consolidates the capabilities in Central Contractor Registration (CCR)/FedReg, Online Representations and Certifications Applications (ORCA) and the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS). Your company needs to be registered with SAM to sell goods and services to the Government. AllbizOps white papers provide you an easy step by step guide to register your company with SAM. The SAM website also provides you registration instructions if you visit and search their site.
Question: What is a DUNS Number? How do I obtain a DUNS number?
Answer: A DUNS Number is a nine-digit number assigned to each business and was created by Dun and Bradstreet in 1963. Your company needs a DUNS number to sell goods and services to the Government. Before you can bid on government proposals, you need to obtain a Dun & Bradstreet, or D-U-N-S, Number, a unique nine-digit identification number for each physical location of your business. D-U-N-S Number assignment is free for all businesses required to register with the federal government for contracts or grants. For businesses, the global standard numbering system to identify all types of business organizations, such as corporations, non-profits, and government entities, is the D&B Number or DUNS number. AllbizOps white papers provide you an easy step by step guide to obtain a DUNS number. The DUN and Bradstreet website also provides instructions on obtaining a DUNS number if you visit and search their site.
Question: How do I know if my company meets other requirements needed to sell goods and services to Federal, State, and local governments?
Answer: All solicitations follow the guidelines listed in the Federal Acquisition Regulations. These regulations are usually referenced in a bid solicitation. If you have questions about a regulation or don’t understand how this will impact qualifying to win a contract use this link to look up the regulation and understand what you need to do to qualify. If you still have questions after reading the regulation, we recommend contacting the Contracting Officer for clarification. Looking up acquisition regulations to determine whether your company meets a solicitation requirement is very time consuming and costly. After spending time identifying a perfect opportunity to win a government contract you don’t want to lose a contract because of missing a regulation which would disqualify you from receiving an award.
AllBizOPs service questions:
Question: How do AllBizOPs subscriptions work? What is your policy on upgrading or cancelling a subscription?
Answer: AllBizOps has a flexible subscription policy. All subscriptions can be cancelled upon email receipt from the subscriber notifying AllBizOps they would like to cancel their subscription. AllBizOps will need 30 days’ notice for a subscription cancellation to take effect. Your account will remain active for 30 days for you to use while we process your cancellation. Subscriptions can be upgraded by navigating to the AllBizOps shopping cart page and choosing which subscription or functionality that best suits your company needs. Upgrades to subscriptions usually take one to two days to process. Premium members can also cancel at any time, however due to the business value and time sensitivity of information Premium members receive we ask premium members for an upfront subscription payment of three months. Monthly subscription payments for Premium members will continue after receipt of the upfront payment.
Question: How do AllBizOps subscription rates compare to other lead generation services available for government procurements?
Answer: AllBizOps uses state-of-the-art technology to provide subscriber quality information and business intelligence that is not found on most typical lead generation sites. Our subscription rates range around 50% lower than our competitors. In fact, many government lead generation services charge between $50 to $150 per month and offer similar services compared to our free service. We see little to no value providing our clients with thousands of leads that have minimal value unless they are customized and reviewed to meet your business development goals. Therefore, we will not charge you for leads offered by our free subscriptions that will require substantial time researching to determine whether they are a good fit for your company. Our basic service starts at $25 per month and offers advanced functionality such as allowing you to compare past bid award history to current bids you are pursuing. You won’t find this capability from lead generation providers charging $50 to $150 per month. Only a few companies provide information offered by our Premium Service. These companies can charge up to $3500 or more annually to their subscribers. AllBizOps Premium service starts at $100/month. This does not consider the possible thousands of dollars you will save avoiding hiring external firms to register you on SAM, GSA and offering custom business intelligence reports costing hundreds of dollars for each report. We have started a document repository with interesting white papers including business and data analysis which is available to Premium members. Our objective is to help subscribers and believe the AllBizOps service should pay for itself in the time and effort we save subscribers to win government contracts.
Question: Does AllBizOps guarantee subscribers will win government contracts?
Answer: Completing your company profile allows us to quickly identify the government markets that offer the highest success potential for you to win contracts. We compare your profile to past award history and future government spend trends to determine which government buyers could best use goods and services you are trying to market and sell. Once we identify potential markets based on your profile we provide you with a list of buyers and agencies you can contact, build relationships, and market your goods and services. We also modify the bid opportunities you receive to focus on the buyers and agencies you are marketing. In summary completing your profile helps you identify your target market and allows us to identify bid opportunities that we add to your pipeline from your target market.
Question: What is my Opportunity Pipeline?
Answer: Your opportunity pipeline is a prioritized list of bid opportunities customized based on your business development and marketing goals. Based these goals we filter through thousands of bid solicitations and identify the opportunities with the highest probability you will be successful in winning a contract. We also provide a ranking of how prepared you are to respond to a bid opportunity and make suggestions on how you can improve your ranking score to be better prepared to sell your goods and services to the government. You can improve your ranking by signing up to complete To Do list items which will help you learn the government procurement process and increase your probability of successfully winning a contract. You may have the perfect bid opportunity to evaluate and find you rank low to successfully win a contract. Following the To Do list items will help you win the contract you want to pursue.
Question: What is the importance of the To-Do list?
Answer: Once you have identified your target market we customize the bid opportunities you receive to match buyers within your target market. To better qualify your company to win a contract we look at regulations and guidelines based on past award history and bid opportunities in your opportunity pipeline and provide To-Do list items that will help you qualify for the types of bid opportunities you are targeting. Signing up for To-Do list items will also help you learn the government procurement process while you are reviewing opportunities we have identified that meet your business development and marketing goals.
Question: How does AllBizOPs help manage whether your company meets Federal Acquisition Regulations for opportunities you are pursuing?
Answer: AllBizOps Premium subscribers can sign up for To-Do list items which help you focus on complying with regulations. To Do list items identify and help you track regulations you will need to comply with to complete a proposal and win a contract. The To Do list also compares regulations required to be satisfied for past similar awards and is an excellent way to make sure your company is ready and prepared to satisfy government acquisition regulations and not have to wait until it’s too late to find out you missed an opportunity because you’re not qualified to bid on a solicitation.
Question: How can I benefit from AllbizOps Competitor ranking score?
Answer: Looking at your Opportunity Pipeline we identify past similar awards which would have been an excellent match for your company. We identify companies that are like yours and compare past success with yours. We then show you how you compare to your competitors and make suggestions that can be added to a To Do list. Completing To Do list items will make you more competitive and increase your chances of winning a contract.
Question: Are there other ways AllBizOps can help market their clients to the government?
Answer: Yes, there are several features we offer our subscribers to help your business development and marketing teams. Some highlights are as follows:
  1. We provide notifications of conferences and trade shows that would be of interest to your target market. Networking and relationship building is very important to gaining the trust of buyers and attending suggested events will help market your company to your target market.
  2. In the event, you do not have an internal business development and marketing team dedicated to selling in the government space we can refer our clients to marketing companies dedicated to the Federal, State and local government markets.
  3. Our document repository offers sample Capability Statements you can use and Website standards the government reviews when evaluating a potential contractor. First impressions make a huge difference.