Online Market Research-Explore Businesses to identify high-potential customers

Online Market Research platforms allow sales professionals to explore businesses to identify high-potential customers. Match prospects to growth Target Markets and keep your pipeline full of quality sales leads. Exploring companies help to plan advertising campaigns and complete competitor analysis.

AllBizOps™ Explorer includes a Business Directory that holds listings for almost 27 million establishments (businesses, agencies and organisations).

Each establishment is categorized by industry and our Designation Tags provide extensive information on revenue size, organizational structure and special status.

Our powerful search engine allows you to identify prospects, suppliers and competitors by name, industry, capability statement, location, designations and more.

Browse Businesses

Hovering over a State provides an overview of the information held in the AllBizOps™ Explorer. Click on any state for a list of businesses and browse through. 

AllBizOps Explorer - Browse Businesses

Search Businesses

Simply type a name or product in the menu bar to find matching companies, or use the Search panel for precise searches, e.g. find “veteran owned businesses”.

AllBizOps Explorer - Search Businesses

Business Details

Discover the products and services that a business provides. Contact names and email addresses can be unlocked using Explorer Credits, which you can purchase alone or as part of an AllBizOps™ Membership Subscription.

AllBizOps Explorer - Business Details